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Meet Mark

I am fortunate to have been born and raised in Houston, where I have had many opportunities to watch my city grow and evolve into the home we now enjoy.

My years at Robert E. Lee High School opened my mind at a young age to the amazing diversity and perspectives that my fellow students brought to classroom interactions. The communication and negotiation skills I learned there have helped me in my business career and will be invaluable as I work with the other members of City Council to advance the best interests of my constituency in District H.

While pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout as a young man, I learned the importance of teamwork and cooperation, particularly the need for others to know they can depend on me. I strive to be the person that my constituents will know they can rely upon.

I held many different types of jobs while I was pursuing my college degree, so I have a clear understanding of how challenging it is to study and earn a living, which many of my neighbors and constituents in District H are doing right now.

I attained my Accounting degree (Summa cum Laude) from the University of Houston-Downtown in May 2018; however, my career as an oil and gas accountant started in May 2007, and I have continued in the interim years to expand my skills and capabilities in that discipline even now. In conjunction with learning the technical accounting procedures that form the parameters of the oil and gas industry,

I also developed strong communication skills, attention to detail, conflict resolution strategies, and basic tenets of personnel management. While I understand that Houston City Council is not (and should not be) run like a corporation,

I plan to use the analytical approach and experience I have gained in the business world to evaluate the various proposed solutions to the problems facing people in my District, while retaining the accountant’s perspective in balancing realistic costs and optimizing benefits.

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