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Safety and Crime Prevention

We need to address head on the serious concerns arising from the occurrence of crimes that affect the safety and property of the residents in District H. We know that other large metropolitan areas have strategies and plans to address this problem, and I am eager to analyze those cities’ experiences to be able to apply what they have learned about improving safety and preventing crime in our District.

Redirecting Storm Run-off

Recently, the weather in Houston (mainly heavy rain events and hurricanes) has brought into focus the inadequate drainage system with which the residents of District H have to contend. While builders seeking permits for new construction must comply with requirements for upgraded drainage provisions, the older homes and neighborhoods need to have these problems addressed, the sooner the better.

Street Parking and Accessibility

The homes in many parts of District H were constructed when the residents had fewer automobiles, and traffic throughout the area was less dense. Many homes are built so close to the street that a vehicle parked in the driveway obstructs the sidewalk. Further, when vehicles are parked on both sides of the street, there is not enough space in the center of the street for a Houston Fire Department vehicle to drive between the cars. This is a serious safety hazard which must be addressed.

Finding solutions to these types of issues presented by my constituents will be my highest priority. I will use my background in business and my knowledge of what it takes to make a change to prove to my neighbors in District H that I am committed to serving and making a difference!

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